Writing Wednesday #1

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hey everyone! Welcome to something besides reviews! I've been wanting to do these for so long!

I did this kind of live blogging for a couple of years on my old blog during NaNoWriMo and it got great feedback. Basically what Writing Wednesdays are, are live blogs of me writing.
Kind of like a sneak peek into what I'm thinking or researching while I'm attempting to hit that day's word goal. Also random things like what a break entails or just a general snippet of my life surrounding the day's words.

I probably won't get a chance to do one every single Wednesday, but I certainly will do these as often as I can.


Today I'm starting a bit late in day because of sickness and puppy baths. But now it's time to try to hit at least 1k!

4:07 - Word takes way too long to load. Must. Buy. New. Laptop.

4:13 - Hating every part of this first draft. I hate first drafts in general. Just gotta push through and get it done so the re-writes can happen.

4:20 - Avoiding manuscript and looking at IG. I stopped writing mid-scene last time and it's a hassle to get back in one. WHY did I do that??

4:21 - Giving all characters wine.

4:32 - Okay, remembering where I wanted this scene to go.  But the wine helps them all, anyway.

5:03 - 600 words in! Will probably stop at 1,000 unless a wave of inspiration hits. Struggling with writer's block lately. This is my slowest novel ever. Usually during NaNo I crank out a full novel. This one is a whole new level.

5:15 - 50 words to go!

5:21 - Went 50 words over my goal. Calling it quits for now. Supper needs to be made and dogs need to be walked.


Okay, this entry wasn't super interesting, I know. But I haven't done one of these in years, my goal was short, and it's getting late.
The more I do these the longer and more interesting they'll (hopefully) be!

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