Writing Wednesday #2

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I may or may not regret this, but I signed up for NaNoWriMo. I won it in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 but last year I was in the process of moving so I skipped it. It's been a year of huge downs and some ups, so my writing has been pushed aside a little. BUT I have a new manuscript I'm working on (AKA staring at blankly on a day to day basis) and am hoping NaNo is the push I need to bang out the first draft.

We'll see about that.

2:30 - Finished updating all reviews on here. Progress!

2:37 - Manuscript is up, but am currently texting about poop with my mom. Priorities, you know.

2:39 - I now have 3 different beginnings for this story. What the actual hell? Do I decide now? No. I put them in a separate document, right? But then it's taking away from my word count for NaNo. Nooo, what do I do?

2:41 - Wait, I need to work today. Okay, GAME OFF for now.

2:45 - Sometimes you read...not the best manuscripts....

3:23 - Work done! Having to pass on that manuscript. That was...wow.

3:34 - Never, ever, ever fails that when I finally have my Pandora going and my manuscript up and I'm ready to #DOTHIS that my dogs decide it's time to play and I better go throw a ball STAT or they'll start getting into everything.

3:35 - Not that I have major writing motivation currently anyway...but still.

Word count: 0

3:40 - Apparently I've taken too long to get up.

4:55 - Are you tired NOW, dogs? That was a lot of Frisbee!

4:56 - Trying this again. New document to copy/paste and kind of restart this manuscript (I wasn't THAT far into it to begin with).

4:57 - I just dated it 2015. Nope.

5:21 - Okay, this is a MUCH better opening! That's exciting. Little exciting moments in writing are what helps meet that 50,000 word deadline.

Word count today: 278

6:58 - Hit about 600 words! Pretty good considering all that went on dog-wise today. They're like toddlers, I swear. But I have a better feeling about the way this book is going. Tomorrow I'll try for 2k!

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