About The Little Library

The Little Library is named after my embarrassingly small personal library. Lack of space (and book money) and a really good public library are to blame. I just like the idea of books staying in hands from the public library instead of risking neglect on my own shelves.

Why Book Blinks?

I love reading reviews before adding a book to my TBR pile, but I was getting a little frustrated with the incredibly long-ass reviews some blogs had. I didn't personally want to read all about character development and tropes. That, I could find out for myself. I just wanted to know if the book was well-written, well-told, and worth reading. I couldn't find much of that anywhere, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Short, to the point, three-sentence book reviews.

Hey, even YA author April Lindner thinks they're a great idea!

About Brittany

Writing is my passion followed closely with reading, binging Netflix, and taking obscenely long bubble baths. I am a manuscript reviewer for Dreamspinner Press. I have a Bachelor's in Creative Writing and have a couple new YA books in the works (I've completed 3 so far) with high hopes of finally snagging an agent this year.

I like small road trips, fresh school supplies, gluten free red lipstick, Criminal Minds, and, I admit, I liked Twilight.

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